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IoT - Internet of Things - Internet of Things

What is the Internet of Things

Internet of Things , Internet of Things is the idea of using computer networks to optimize production processes in companies, increase road and city safety, preventive monitoring environmental conditions and simply raising the standard of living in a private home.

How IoT can improve production processes and performance in a company

Internet of Things based on a well-configured and secured computer network supports business management, helps optimize production costs, and helps people monitor work performance.

Lack of human factor and objective assessment of results helps in managing the company - Internet of Things works based on an algorithm, not human subjectivity, which does not transfer to the atmosphere in the team and significantly improves relationships and work efficiency.

Internet of Things for the safety of the family

IoT optimally optimizes processes in a private home - this is the use of existing network infrastructure to raise the standard of living. The Internet of Things is support in household budget management and real savings of a dozen to several dozen percent per year.

Medical e-visits have become a fact. The Internet of Things is a support for a family doctor, it is a continuous monitoring of the health condition of chronically ill people, as well as preventive measures at an early stage of illness.

IoT and secure transport

ITS systems ( Intelligent Transportation Systems ) based on Internet of Things are currently helping to manage traffic in urban agglomerations and on expressways and highways. Implementation works are underway on HS-WIM systems to improve safety on public roads and optimize the cost of maintaining newly built roads in Poland.

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