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HS-WIM or High Speed Weigh-In-Motion

Where did the idea for HS WIM come from?

HS WIM systems on public roads

In 2014, the WIM Systems Team (Weigh-In-Motion) was established, i.e. dynamic weighing of vehicles in motion, and in 2016, the AGH University of Science and Technology in cooperation with companies operating within the ITS Intelligent Transport Systems Cluster and The Central Office of Measures (GUM) in cooperation with the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways (GDDKiA) and the General Road Transport Inspection (GITD) have begun activities towards field testing of mass measurement systems of vehicles in motion, and even to a broader extent - measurements of non-standard vehicles moving at high speeds (eMIM).

HS WIM as a component of the eMIM system

eMIM and IoT systems in cities

The purpose of the initiative is broadly understood to improve the safety and quality of travel on public roads. In the near future, the implementation of car control on Polish roads using systems such as High Speed Weigh-In-Motion (HS-WIM) is also expected to significantly extend the life of current and emerging roads in Poland.

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Rafał L. Ossowski, PhD


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