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Example of LAN training description

Basics of LAN and WLAN administration

Module 1.
The evolution of computer networks

Module 2.
Applicable network standards

Module 3.
Overview of the conceptual ISO / OSI model
- physical layer
- data link layer
- network layer
- transport layer
- session layer
- presentation layer
- application layer

Module 4.
Overview of the TCP / IP model.

Module 5.
Routing in computer networks

Module 6.
Elements of a computer network
- network equipment used
- popular network software
- LAN types and topologies

Module 7.
Security elements on the network
- what is Firewall
- Intrusion Prevention System / Intrusion Detection System (IPS / IDS)
- what is VLAN
- Virtual Private Network (VPN) as an aspect of company security

Module 8.
Network protocols - the basics

Module 9.
Basic TCP / IP services

Module 10.
Examples of network services - DHCP, DNS, NTP, SNMP

Module 11.
Administrative tools for operating systems
- Windows
- Linux

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